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Proudly located in the United Sates of America

2.25 Tall Dirt Bump Springs

$ 179.00


Draco bump springs are designed for the highest performance within the packaging requirements. Built to withstand the harshest environments, the Draco DB series will not lose height or rate from being coil bound and will not side-load or shear the shock shaft.

Utilizing Draco’s proprietary retainer system, bump spring hardware components can be used on different brand shocks and shaft diameters, and Draco’s exclusive retainer bushing system prevents wear and marring of shock shafts for increased life while reducing friction and improving performance.

Used with the integral Coilover Spring and DB retainer, bump spring changes can be performed without removing the shock eyelet.

All DB-series bump springs travel approximately 1" before coilbind. Exact travel numbers available upon request.

For all email inquiries please contact Andrew May at amay@zetapvt.com