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Proudly located in the United Sates of America

3in - 3.5in x 1in Thick Spring Rubbers

$ 49.60


Draco 3in - 3.5in spring rubbers are designed to be used in 3in and 3.5in coilover applications, and will also work in other brands' barrel springs.

Draco coilover spring rubbers feature an integral, molded-in pull for easy removal from the spring.

Standard thickness is 1.0in, to fit most springs and applications. Standard durometers:

60 (Blue) - Soft

70 (Purple) - Medium

80 (Red) - Stiff

Draco spring rubbers are made from polyurethane for peak performance. Standard foam-material spring rubbers have a finite lifespan and are effected by dirt, dust, water and the number of loading cycles. 

These polyurethane spring rubbers have significantly longer lifespan and are not effected by outside factors like foam style rubbers. 

These spring rubbers can be custom ordered in various heights, additional durometers and also 5" diameter.

For all email inquiries please contact Andrew May at amay@zetapvt.com