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Proudly located in the United Sates of America

9.5in x 5.5in OD Conventional Fronts

$ 149.95


Conventional 9.5in x 5.5in OD fronts have one closed and ground end and one open coil end. These springs are designed for maximum performance for stock and stock-style front clips. 

Designed for peak performance, our front springs fewer coils for more travel and less weight with unmatched linearity. 

Learn why we are the spring of choice for the top NASCAR series, and equip your late model, modified or street stock with the best. 

For  higher travel or lighter rates, check out our 10.5in x 5.5in line. 

These springs are NOT designed for coilbinding. For custom rates, heights and coilbind safe designs, please contact us directly.

For all email inquiries please contact Andrew May at amay@zetapvt.com