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LR Spring Preloader Package


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The Zeta Performance spring preloader was designed with dirt late models in mind.

Made of stronger aluminum and finished with a much harder surface coating, these preloaders are designed for the harshest of environments and to survice when the others fail!

The Zeta preloader can travel an industry-leading 6" to ensure you can reach both your target extended loads and lowest possible ride height.

The preloader features a 10 thread-per-inch adjuster thread to allow for easily keeping track of droop load when adjusted on the car.

Package includes:

  • Draco spring of your choice
    • C14.3.0.040 or C16.3.0.065 - Retail $128.75
  • Spring Preloader Assembly
    • ZP-ASSY-PL-14-3-0 or ZP-ASSY-PL-16-3-0 - Retail $349 / $359
  • Spring Preloader Wrenches
    • ZP-ASSY-PL-WR-3-0 - Retail $89
  • 3" Coilover Thrust Bearing
    • Draco DRA-COB-3000 Retail $29.25

Total Retail Value: $596 / $606

Typical use (Dirt LM):

Install 3" spring on preloader with a 3" coilover bearing (typically 65#)

Install preloader on the left rear shock in place of the spring/stack.

With the shock at droop eye to eye (as measured hanging on the car), set the ride height nut to 1/8" gap from the preloader.

Using a load machine, compress the shock 1/4" from droop eye to eye and set your extended load

Install on the car and verify 1/8" gap between preloader and adjuster nut when hanging on the car.

To adjust droop load, adjust the load using the nut on the preloader, NOT the shock.

Only adjust the adjuster nut on the shock when making bar changes that change the gap between the preloader and the shock adjuster nut. VERIFY GAP EVERY TIME YOU MOVE BARS ON THE LR.